Did you know you can take your dog on a wine tour?




When my friend told me about this company in Western Australia that does wine tours with dogs, I was thrilled to see a place that acknowledges the importance a dog has in a person's life. To many they are more like a child or sibling than just a pet, providing unconditional love and support. In fact it has even been scientifically proven to assist in helping mental health. I personally have three dogs that I would do anything for knowing they would do the same.

Not knowing the company personally I decided to give them an email and ask them a little bit more about what exactly they do. I was pleased to get a lovely reply from Geri and Paul, the owners of Grape Escape, in no time. What I found was a like-minded couple who enjoyed the same things in life as I did. Geri and Paul had always intended on including their "fur-babies" in their tours after visiting the area regularly and struggling to leave their dogs behind.

Since starting the business early this year Grape Escapes have had a lot of amazing feedback and interest in their unique, tailored tours for all. Having been to all the breweries and wineries in the WA area they have been classed as somewhat experts in matching you up with the perfect glass. With no such thing as a concrete itinerary Geri and Paul give you a range of lunch selections such as picnics for $15 AUD per head, or you can go all out and indulge in a 5-course degustation with matching wines at $95 AUD per head.

The private wine tour around Margaret River for you and up to six of your friends lasts for around five hours (costing $85 AUD every additional hour). Prices for the Pawesome Tours for up to 3 people start at $375 AUD or groups of up to 7 people starting at $490 AUD (sounds like good value to me).

Some of the great tour locations include wineries, breweries, cafes and beaches; perfect for a girls' weekend, birthday, romantic getaway, bachelorette party or an excuse to spoil yourself and loved ones. If one of the locations you select do not allow the dogs to dine inside with you there is no need to worry as Geri and Paul are happy to take them for a walk in the meantime.

If you travel some distance for this tour (which I totally would), Geri and Paul are happy to provide you with a selection of local pet friendly accommodation. Just make sure to mention this when making a inquiry with the company. Also, If you don't have a furry friend but would adore the company of one, Grape Escapes provide the chance to bring along two of their pups at the cost of a $5 donation which goes towards one of their chosen charities (charities change every quarter). All you have to do is add this to your booking which is located in the Extras section.

With Summer just around the corner I'd be ringing up your fellow wine-loving pals and get booking so you don't miss out on this once in a life time adventure (unless you go more often that is). If any of your friends are more of a cat lover than dog lover don't fret as they have the opportunity to select from a range of Grape Escapes other tours which you can check out on their page  here.


Writer: Bianca Ward


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