Things you have to check off your bucket list before turning 30.

Writer: Charlotte King
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Your mid 20’s are definitely a strange time in your life. Half of your friends will be getting engaged, buying houses and procreating. The other half are more worried about what toppings to order on their pizza-for-one and what outfit to wear for next weeks Sunday sesh. 
Take it from personal experience. I’m 26 years old and, since my last birthday (I know – the unnerving border into the wrong side of the 20’s) I’ve spent some time re-evaluating the stage my life is at and asking myself the important question: what do I really want? 
There’s certainly a lot of pressure to “grow up” and to settle down – particularly from our parents and an older generation who didn’t have quite as much freedom and opportunity as we do in 2019. This got me thinking about all the things I want to tick off before I do just that! 
I’ve compiled a list of the things I think every girl needs to have done before turning 30. Some of these I’ve done – some I haven’t – but either way, they’re important life experiences that will help each of us to learn, grow and, ultimately, to become better people.
Learn a language, learn how to sew, learn how to play the piano. Maybe it’s something you started as a kid and gave up when you started high school. Maybe it’s something you’ve never tried, but always wanted to give a go. Whatever it is – try it, practice it, don’t give up and master it! Whether it’s something that makes you money or not, do it for YOU. And you never know – it could end up being that cool party trick you pull out of the bag when you want to impress. 
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Europe is HUGE, so attempting to cover every country would be near impossible. But there is just nothing better than immersing yourself in European culture. The people, the places, the food… the list goes on. Whether you travel with friends, a partner or family – a European adventure is definitely one to tick off the bucket list (and don’t forget to stock up on cute sundresses like the Imagine It BodyCon Floral Dress!)
I don’t just mean living without your parents. I mean alone, alone. All by yourself. Doing what you want, when you want and having total independence. Upsides: staying in pyjamas all day, with judgement from no one. Downsides: doing everything for yourself. Not only will you finally learn how to change a lightbulb – but you’ll also learn how to be happy in your own company. 
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Have you always tossed with the idea of dying your hair bright red? Always loved thigh-high boots but were too afraid to wear them? I have two words for you: DO IT. We’re all here for a good time – not a long time – so what do you have to lose? Odds are you’ll receive more compliments for your bold fashion choice and it’ll push you to experiment more than ever before. Try the Briller Two Piece Skirt for a daring outfit that will turn heads!
Okay, I know I already said you should live alone for a while, but living with friends is also an experience that everyone should have at least once. Not only do you get to share clothes and accessories (bonus!) but you also have your closest gal pals there at all times, whenever you need a gossip sesh or some life advice. BUT, make sure you set clear boundaries on house chores, paying rent and all the boring stuff – falling out over menial tasks like doing the dishes would be such a shame. 
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What are you passionate about? Turn your passion into a small business and you could end up in places you never thought possible. This doesn’t have to mean a $10k investment. It could be a small online venture or even a service you provide. Learning the basics of entrepreneurship means learning life skills applicable to all other areas of your life, such as organisation, time management and networking. Imagine the people you’ll meet and the connections you’ll forge. You won’t regret it.

This doesn’t sound like it’s any fun. And, trust me, it’s not. But going through a break up is a learning curve for anyone. It teaches you things about yourself; what you want from a relationship, how you should be treated and, essentially what you want out of life, like no other experience would. 
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By age 30, your wardrobe will be stocked with pieces that you love – but you know deep down that turquoise midi skirt with rhinestones is not getting worn any time soon. That’s why it’s vital that you have a good selection of high-quality basics that you can pair with anything. This includes a good blazer, a decent pair of jeans (such as our Good For You Distressed High Waist Jeans), and a go-to LBD, just to name a few.
So, there we have it. You may have noticed what these all have in common – they all encourage you to take a RISK! For me, my life motto has always been “Do what scares you”. Because things happen not by chance, but by change. Okay – I’ll stop it with the cheesy motivational quotes now (but as cheesy as they might be, you can’t deny the truth they hold).
I’m certainly not saying that life ends when you turn 30 – my point is simply that life may become less flexible as our commitments increase, and the window of opportunity decreases. 
So what do you think? Do you agree with my list? Have I missed anything important? 
Let me know in the comments below or over on our latest Instagram post. I’d love to hear your thoughts!
CocoBeam x

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